If you are like me, you have regular conference calls where you have to send some bridge identification number or profile to sign in.

On a Nokia N9 it’s really not obvious how to set up a contact that automatically sends those digits after the call is connected, especially if you use the Swype virtual keyboard.

The first thing to know is that in order to specify a pause separation for the digits you need to enter a ‘p’. To me this was a surprise, as I was used to other cellphones which used the comma (‘,’), semi-colon (‘;’) or period (‘.’) for the same purpose, sometimes with different pause intervals

If you have swype, when you enter a phone number here is what the screen looks like the image below, a numeric pad virtual keyboard. You disregard the currency symbols and try to enter either the comma or the period and they don’t work.

What you need to do is to tap the bottom ABC button so that it switches to the main alphanumeric virtual keyboard and then you can enter the ‘p’.

You have the stock virtual keyboard things are a little simpler, you tap the ‘‘ and notice how it becomes red underlined, tap again and it becomes a ‘+’ and again… the ‘p’ finally. The three taps have to be in quick succession.