I’m one of the members of the SXEmacs project, an amicable “fork” of XEmacs (a not so friendly fork of GNU Emacs).

SXEmacs has a small team, but one with an excelent team spirit and will to innovate. That makes work on this project a lot of fun.

SXEmacs has some innovative features, like the transparent support for multiple precision arithmetic, foreign functions interface support (FFI), regular expression compilation caching (very useful for Gnus users), multimedia file support (seveal engines like ffmpeg), Boehm-Demers-Weiser garbage collection.This is only a small sample.

As for compatibility, SXEmacs is most compatible with XEmacs 21.4. Some of the latest features of development versions of GNU Emacs and XEmacs are not in SXEmacs, but mostly vice-versa 😉

One of the web comics I subscribe to is xkcd, one of the “geekiest”.
This time, on Faust 2.0 the issue of the evil of EULA takes on a new spin:

A friend of mine (myrkraverk) on the freenode #sxemacs channel mentioned this classic text, which I admit didn’t even know existed, but I am enjoying reading:

The Craft of Text Editing cover
The Craft of Text Editing –or– Emacs for the Modern World, by Craig A. Finseth.

This text really makes you think about the hidden complexities of good text editing.

Ora isto é que é ensinar os fundamentos sobre computadores!

This is a skit from a well-known Portuguese comedy troupe Gato Fedorento, which translates literaly to “Smelly Cat”, from Friends TV series fame.

A different way of doing computer literacy courses, in a country where the Intel Classmate PC Magalhães (Magellan) was a God send for government publicity.<p />

Sorry, in Portuguese only, but you should get the gist of it…

Mais videos dos Gato Fedorento aqui.

If you liked it and what to see more, go here.

Já faz algum tempo que sigo o Jamie Zawinski [blog].Desde os idos dos anos 90 em que ele esteve bastante envolvido em desenvolver o editor XEmacs, depois o Netscape.

Desde a venda da Netscape à AOL que ele decidiu mudar de carreira e desde então é dono de um bar em São Francisco, o DNA Lounge.

De há uns meses para cá ele decidiu fazer streaming da selecção de músicas que ele faz para o bar, e embora nem sempre me agrade a 100%, é uma forma refrescante de descobrir novos sons. Vejam aqui.

Nos anos 90, já era interessado em descobrir novos sons, bem para além daquilo que as rádios passavam, e o advento da Internet trouxe exactamente a ferramenta necessária: a CDNow.com e as suas recomendações. Agora é parte da Amazon, mas foi através das suas rudimentares recomendações que descobri bastantes novos grupos, estilos musicais e sonoridades.


p >
Mas a descoberta de musica fresca hoje em dia não se limita a recomendações, misturas como as do Jamie, as rádios de Internet, em particular aquelas geradas pelas semelhanças sonoras são particularmente interessantes.

Os sites mais relevantes são, na minha opinião last.fm e a Pandora</a&>, esta última apenas acessivel a partir dos EUA, mas mais interessante que a last.fm.

For some time now I follow
Jamie Zawinski[blog]. In fact, since the middle 90s, when he was one of the major developers in the XEmacs editor, and afterwards Netscape.

Since the sale of Netscape to AOL, Jamie changed careers and is now the owner of a night club in San Francisco, DNA Lounge.

A few months ago, he decided to start streaming the Mix Tapes he makes for the bar. I have to say his tastes are not exactly the same as mine but, it is a refreshing way of finding new and different tunes. Click here.

In the 90s I was already very interested in finding new sounds, beyond what commercial radio aired, and the Internet brought the right tool: CDNow.com and its music recommendations. It was since acquired by Amazon, but through their crude recommendations I found out many new bands, music styles and sounds.

Fortunately, finding “fresh” music nowadays goes beyond simple recommendations, or mix tapes like Jamies’. Internet radios, in particular the ones where the playlists are automatically generated by similarity are particularly interesting.

The best such sites in my opinion are last.fm and Pandora, and although the last is only accessible in the USA I find their playlist selection more diverse and interesting than last.fm.

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