Nokia sure knows how to make very weird decisions. So you’d think that if you manage an email service in order to add to your value proposition in the mobile space, upon deciding to sub-contract it to Yahoo, you’d make sure your current users would be able to migrate…

An upcoming post made me research the proper way of writing phonetically, otherwise the post would only make sense to Portuguese speakers and I intend to keep this blog bilingual.
I ended up finding more information that I wished to know on this excelent WikiPedia article, proving once again its huge value to Society.

I reinstalled Windows XP “quick&dirty” in a partition to do some testing, and, because it was included in the Google Desktop, I ended up trying Norton Security Scan as my anti-virus/security suite. Now I have a question for Google and Norton: Dudes, even for free, how can you call this a security suite if I need to upgrade just to remove cookies? I’d call this Norton Security Scam. I am so glad I know how to remove my cookies selectively.

Still, these two companies should be ashamed for doing this kind of bait-and-switch to get money from less knowledgeable users.

Norton Security Scam

Norton Security Scam

A friend of mine (myrkraverk) on the freenode #sxemacs channel mentioned this classic text, which I admit didn’t even know existed, but I am enjoying reading:

The Craft of Text Editing cover
The Craft of Text Editing –or– Emacs for the Modern World, by Craig A. Finseth.

This text really makes you think about the hidden complexities of good text editing.

This blogs ClustrMap shows what is to really be TriAtlântico