I’m one of the members of the SXEmacs project, an amicable “fork” of XEmacs (a not so friendly fork of GNU Emacs).

SXEmacs has a small team, but one with an excelent team spirit and will to innovate. That makes work on this project a lot of fun.

SXEmacs has some innovative features, like the transparent support for multiple precision arithmetic, foreign functions interface support (FFI), regular expression compilation caching (very useful for Gnus users), multimedia file support (seveal engines like ffmpeg), Boehm-Demers-Weiser garbage collection.This is only a small sample.

As for compatibility, SXEmacs is most compatible with XEmacs 21.4. Some of the latest features of development versions of GNU Emacs and XEmacs are not in SXEmacs, but mostly vice-versa 😉

A friend of mine (myrkraverk) on the freenode #sxemacs channel mentioned this classic text, which I admit didn’t even know existed, but I am enjoying reading:

The Craft of Text Editing cover
The Craft of Text Editing –or– Emacs for the Modern World, by Craig A. Finseth.

This text really makes you think about the hidden complexities of good text editing.