Tropical Manhattan

I’ve heard of April rain, but this snow today? Where is global warming when you need it 🙂

Nowadays we get bombarded with recycling suggestions.
Quite a few months ago I was very surprised to find a recycling example very “Web 2.0”: Product logo recycling.
Compare the photo from a promo flashlight from the System Management ARTS (SMARTS) company and Adobe AIR.
Most likely the SMARTS logo trademark has expired since EMC has acquired the company, so Adobe can use it. Interesting nonetheless.


Adobe AIR is a trademark  of Adobe Systems Incorporated

If you were looking for the universal recycling logo you might want to look here

One of the sites that host and promote music using Creative Commons licenses, Jamendo, has a nice Christmas playlist:


I really can’t tell what shocks me the most, the supermarkets refusal on inscribing the name on the child’s birthday cake, or the parents who choose Adolf Hitler Campbell as their child’s name…