I reinstalled Windows XP “quick&dirty” in a partition to do some testing, and, because it was included in the Google Desktop, I ended up trying Norton Security Scan as my anti-virus/security suite. Now I have a question for Google and Norton: Dudes, even for free, how can you call this a security suite if I need to upgrade just to remove cookies? I’d call this Norton Security Scam. I am so glad I know how to remove my cookies selectively.

Still, these two companies should be ashamed for doing this kind of bait-and-switch to get money from less knowledgeable users.

Norton Security Scam

Norton Security Scam

Innovation in french fries…

Uber Tuber on MAKE: television from Make: on Vimeo.

I’m one of the members of the SXEmacs project, an amicable “fork” of XEmacs (a not so friendly fork of GNU Emacs).

SXEmacs has a small team, but one with an excelent team spirit and will to innovate. That makes work on this project a lot of fun.

SXEmacs has some innovative features, like the transparent support for multiple precision arithmetic, foreign functions interface support (FFI), regular expression compilation caching (very useful for Gnus users), multimedia file support (seveal engines like ffmpeg), Boehm-Demers-Weiser garbage collection.This is only a small sample.

As for compatibility, SXEmacs is most compatible with XEmacs 21.4. Some of the latest features of development versions of GNU Emacs and XEmacs are not in SXEmacs, but mostly vice-versa 😉

An excelent excerpt from On The Media from NPR, where the author of a new book describes the selective amnesia, promiscuity and cowardics that surrounds the coverage of financial crisis.

Risk and Return

One of the most distressing things about living in NY Winter time is the sunset time: 4:23pm