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One of the web comics I subscribe to is xkcd, one of the “geekiest”.
This time, on Faust 2.0 the issue of the evil of EULA takes on a new spin:

The world is at a crossroad, one of the biggest in modern history.

Todays elections in the US will determine the path to be followed.

Photo CC by hjl

My search for new music is not limited to what I already described here.

I actually subscribe to a lot of podcasts from regular NPR programming. Among those, one has made known to me lots of new and interesting artists: All songs considered.

In addition to showcase songs from new upcoming artists, you can also listen to concerts by well known artists:

But don’t think this program is limited to US and anglo-saxonic music. There were two shows where All Songs Considered made a little snapshot of the Portuguese music scene with the help of two of the best portuguese radio DJs, Álvaro Costa e Henrique Amaro. The Music of Portugal Parte I e Parte II.

A friend of mine (myrkraverk) on the freenode #sxemacs channel mentioned this classic text, which I admit didn’t even know existed, but I am enjoying reading:

The Craft of Text Editing cover
The Craft of Text Editing –or– Emacs for the Modern World, by Craig A. Finseth.

This text really makes you think about the hidden complexities of good text editing.